About Me

I love to code. At its best it feels like magic. Even when it is daunting, though, I love getting immersed in a problem. Ultimately, this is where the appeal in web development is for me—I like how complex a problem it is to design a web application that functions well for all kinds of users. Not only does this involve understanding code, but it also involves understanding the social practices of using software. Since people and technology are ever-changing I can be sure that I will always have a challenge and can look forward to something new to learn!

After closing this window, please click the screenshots in my slideshow of current work to see work samples and enjoy!


All the work linked in the slideshow here focuses on my work with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. In addition to having those capabilities, I have experience with:

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You can email me at: jason.gonzales23@gmail.com

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